Time to Quit Quito

So that’s it, after 2 weeks of language school and conjugating irregular verbs until our brains melted  we have finally graduated – we have certificates and everything!

Language school was great and we met some fantastic people… particularly Mary, Christian, Clayton, Isabelle , Yu and (siempre esperando a) David. Our last meal together was like a meeting of the United Nations – England, America, Japan, German, Switzerland and France… all speaking Spanish and eating Mexican food.

For the last week we have been living with our Ecuadorian host family , the lovely Padillas, who made us feel like part of the family and immersed us fully in Ecuadorian language and life.

But now we formally start the organised part of our trip. This is our safety net – 5 weeks which will take us through Ecuador and Peru and into Bolivia, and allow us to get our travel legs working before we adventure around the rest of South America. Our tour group is a lucky 13 travellers from all over the world.. (well Australia anyway). 10 Aussies, 1 American, us two Brits and, of course, our Ecuadorian guide, Diego.

So now we Vamos!

We are off to the Amazon basin tomorrow morning and based on the assumption that wifi is unlikely we will report in again early next week

Adios Amigos

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One Response to Time to Quit Quito

  1. Netty says:

    Lucky you a bus full of Aussies – hopefully they won’t be as loud as me (doubt it though!!) – have fun!

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