Banos – the only way is up

 After several hours on a public bus around some of the windiest roads in Ecuador we arrived in Banos. Banos itself is a fairly average town – it’s not very pretty, it’s not very big and its not very modern but people flock here all year round because it is smack bang in the middle of some of Ecuador’s most stunning countryside and is a haven for outdoor pursuits.

Banos is Ecuador’s activity centre- white water rafting, bungee jumps, canyoning, hiking, biking, canopy rides etc etc, you name it it takes place here and we have two full days to indulge our inner stuntman. They also make the best toffee in Ecuador with chaps in shop doorways throwing meters of still warm toffee over pegs in the doorways to make stripey slabs of goo.

Day 1 and our inner stuntman is still in retirement. However with Machu Pichu just 2 weeks away Kate dragged my couch potato arse out of bed and we walked up a very steep hill for 3 hours. Now those of you that know me also know that I hate walking (unless I am carrying golf clubs) but the views were so stunning I didn’t complain once – Kate is still in shock. 3 hours later we got to the Treehouse, the highest point on the mountain with stunning views of the active volcano… or in our case stunning views of a wet grey cloud, oh well.

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