El Diablo and the biking gringos

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Day 2 and our inner stuntman came out, albeit with stabilisers on, and we hired some bikes to do the 7 waterfalls. This is a 30k bike ride (mostly downhill) past 7 waterfalls before visiting “el diablo” the fiercest waterfall in the area. Energised by the hike the day before (words I never thought I would say) I treated the ride as the tour de Ecuador and even accelerated up the hills passing the rest of the group on the way… more machu training. 

El Diablo was certainly a ferocious beast but you could crawl through a small tunnel and end up on a viewing platform that allowed you to duck behind the water and view the power of that much agua. Though it came at a soggy price when Diego and I tried using the camera behind the wall of water but we dried off using Sue as a towel. (Sorry Sue – K).

 That afternoon we decided to soak our walk and biking muscles in one of Banos’ namesakes – a Banos Bath. The area is full of thermal hot springs and outdoor baths have been set up. Having negotiated the entrance in Spanish and the girls had donned fetching bath hats, we sat soaking in a pool of what can only be described as builders tea – probably best not to look too closely at the water!

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