Adios Ecuador!

An early start to head south to the border of Ecuador and Peru, we went 3 in a taxi at a total of about $12, the taxi bus company wanted $50 for the same journey… A long bus trip but there were other gingos on the bus – so we’re not the only ones here!.

The bus was fine, and then at the check out point we jumped out of the bus to check out of Ecuador. It was all going fine, Sue ended up with someone else’s exit card but luckly we noticed and then 3 of us blundled into a blokes car for the short hop into town to the bus station to meet up with the bags and instructions to wait for the others.

And then we waited… the next 3 turned up 30 minutes later with tails of police questioning the stamps in some of the passports (though they matched other passport stamps on other group members who had been allowed through) and could only be fixed with a donation. What a shame… a slightly depressing end to a great stay in Ecuador.

A short trudge through no mans land, onto a bus with seats made for teeny bottoms and 3 hours later we were in Mancora! Passing paddy fields, tuk tuks, buddist statues in the hotel and a chilled beach town – pretty much felt like we had been airlifted into Asia – random.

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