Haunchaco, Chan Chan and Trujillo… a symphony of grey

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After surviving the smurf express, we arrived in Huanchaco at 1 in the morning and promptly went to sleep. The following morning we woke to find ourselves in Pleasantville – the greyest place in Peru. Our guide Diego has been coming here for the last 3 years and has only seen the sun once! That said it never rains either, just a constant state of overcast. The nearby town of Trujillo tried its hardest to brighten things up with its gaudy buildings and the temples of Chan Chan offered a hint of beige but still the greyness prevailed.
It is an interesting place – the temples and the surfing fisherman offered an insight into the Incan past and the Pisco Sour cocktails offered an insight into our drinking future, it’s just not a great place for photography – unless you specialise in black and white!

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4 Responses to Haunchaco, Chan Chan and Trujillo… a symphony of grey

  1. nettyoz says:

    you look very happy and relaxed kate!!

  2. Michael H says:

    After 2 weeks in Canada, I have caught up with your travels….what to say….in only 2 weeks you have managd to be wierd, wonderful, wacky, waxy, waterfally and wrung by the local cops…..now that is a trip!! Forget photography, F1 or TV…I am now addicted to the adventures of you guys….roll on next post 🙂

  3. Geoff Spicer says:

    With all that exercise you should be fit enough to play for Ipswich. They lost 5-2 to Southampton and 7-1 to Peterborough yesterday-did have 2 sent off though

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