Arequipa and the Cuzco Coffee Company

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Our favourite city so far in Peru, Arequipa is a gorgeous town with stunning views of snow capped volcanos, sleepy streets with gorgeous colonial buildings built in pale volcanic stone and great coffee (finally).

We arrived on the fairly awful overnight bus from Nazca and couldn’t check into our hotel so went for a potter around town and into the market. I just love these south american markets – where else can you buy a Panama Hat, a dried frog and a sheeps head all in one room?

We were heading off to the Colca Canyon the next day so we had dinner on the top floor of a restaurant in the Plaza de Armas. They give you traditional poncho’s to wear to fight off the cold so we all ended up looking like extras from Harry Potter.

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One Response to Arequipa and the Cuzco Coffee Company

  1. nettyoz says:

    Lovin the ponchos – I am sure they will be make ‘another’ comeback this winter – you guys are just ahead of the game! So did you taste any of those lovely delicacies? mmmmmm

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