Homestay and more dressing up!

From the reed islands we took the boat again another 2 hours to the peninsula, here we would meet our families who were going to host us for the evening.

Our Peruvian “mum” was Marta, a smiley mum of 4, head to toe in the traditional dress of red wool skirt, woven blouse, 3 cornered embroidered hat and several gold teeth. 

She lives in a set of rooms constructed of adobe about 20m back from the shore.  Peter and Amy had one of guest block, we took the other and the toilet block next door rivaled some of the hotels we have stayed in.

The kitchen was another small room with a seating area and an open fire that she used to provide lunch of veg soup, then fried mini fishes, rice and potatoes.

After lunch we went out in the boat with her youngest son – Rollie – and put out the nets to catch more of the little fish. We found out the next day that Marta was up at 3 am bringing in the catch!

Back at shore we joined the local sport of volleyball – the only way we could hope to win was to have one if the local ladies on the team.  They played bare foot (despite the stones) still in their heavy red wool skirts and kicked our arses!

Back at Marta’s it was dress up time again in my second traditional dress of the day, a very fetching little (ha!) number of a green skirt, woven top, shawl and a long woollen hat with a frill that would have given wee willie winky cause for concern.

Feeling like i was wearing a fat suit but very warm, we walked up the hill to the house of the head of the village, where with the rest of the team we “helped” prepare dinner (we sorted dried beans and de cobbed corn – none of which was used at dinner but it kept us quiet).

After a hearty meal of rice and chips (carbs anyone?) we trudged back to our little home with Marta and spent the night listening to the randy donkey in the field next door!

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One Response to Homestay and more dressing up!

  1. nettyoz says:

    ha ha – i am so enjoying seeing you guys in fancy dress… lol

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