KFC – Peruvian Style

It was our last night in Peru so our guide Raul took us to a restaurant with a Peruvian folk dancing show.

Peruvian folk dancing basically seems to be english morris dancing on acid – complete with bells, handkerchiefs and music by the peruvian Brian May and a drummer who Sue thought looked like Robert Downey Junior (if that’s the case then I am George Clooney!). The only difference to english dancing was that the girls skirts got shorter with each dance – something that Raul really appreciated as he sat at the front clapping like a seal and salivating… anyone remember the wolf from the old Warner brothers cartoons? amazing likeness!

But tonight wasnt about dancing, tonight was about revenge. 30 years ago Kate had a run in with a Guinea Pig named Ginger. They didn’t get on and Ginger bit Kate’s finger… tonight I would bite back!

Guinea Pig, or Cuy as it is known in South America is not a cuddly children’s pet, it’s just food, and as it was our last night in Peru it was time to try it. 20 minutes after ordering Exquisito Cuy from the menu, Gingers cousin was bought to the table.

Now apart from the little head staring forlornly at you it looked just like KFC and that’s pretty much how it tasted too… crispy skin with special seasoning and moist (if not a little greasy) white flesh underneath. It was a little fiddly but I demolished the little critter in 5 minutes flat.

Would i eat it again? defo!

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3 Responses to KFC – Peruvian Style

  1. Michael H says:

    Did you eat it again that night? Did the Guinea Pig get burning revenge3 on you? We must know!!

  2. Di says:

    Ha ha Wayne you look really evil!

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