At the Copa, Copacabana

The evening before our border crossing our fearful and useless leader, announced that he wouldn’t be taking us through the border and if we spoke to him he would blank us…. so no change there!  The 3 hour coach ride to the border went quickly and included a surreal ferry crossing where we went in a speedboat while our coach travelled on a moterised raft! Thankfully the border crossing itself was great – yay Bolivia – score one against Peru!

From the border it was a short drive to Copacabana (no, not that one) on the edge of Lake Titicaca.  Wayne announced a ban on “that” song and punches were administered to anyone breaking the no singing rule (you’re singing it now aren’t you? virtual punch!).

It’s a fairly nondescript town, full of gringos and a walk round town takes only 10 minutes.  Wayne, Peter, Jann, Paula and I walked up the hill over looking town passing the 14 crosses – which gave us a nice view over town… so with all the attractions complete, the only thing left to do was…. DRINK!

Bar Nemo + a game invented by Wayne where you ordered the person next to you a cocktail and then the circle reversed = carnage.  12 people, 1000 bolivianos and more cocktails than you can shake a gringo at. Sorry Copacabana, apologies to the owner of the bar for ordering vast quantities of cheese toasties, sorry to the owner of the hand cart that was stolen in an amusing game of “push Paula around town” and apologies to all the staff and residents of the hotel – who had to endure us banging on the shutters to let us in….

Great night – best tour group ever.

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