Chalalan Ecolodge

After an uneventful night in Rurrenabaque, though I don’t recommend the Hostal Oriental quite as warmly as the lonely planet, we met our guide Rigoberto, and headed up the river 6 hours to the Chalalan Lodge.

The Chalalan ecolodge is a community run business that is now in its 10th year.  it has been so successful that it has won tourism awards and funded both a school and a hospital in the local community. The lodge only sleeps 29 people when full and is situated in pristine rainforest around a beautiful lake.

Our itinerary for the 3 days went along the lines of: hearty breakfast, long 4 hour walk, big lunch, laze on hammocks, leisurely afternoon row around the lake, big dinner and a night walk or row to see the caymens, tarantulas, boas, tree frogs etc..

repeat until fully relaxed… and we did!

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2 Responses to Chalalan Ecolodge

  1. Michael H says:

    Holy CR*P….those are some big ole spiders!!!

  2. Di says:

    Yeah – since when was looking at giant spiders relaxing??!

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