La Pazzzzzzzzz

So La Paz doesn’t get great press… most of the people we spoke to had said the best thing about La Paz was leaving it, and our fearful leader had us convinced that we would be raped, drugged or suffer some other fate not at the hands of the police.

The truth is, it’s just another city, except the traffic is like a demolition derby and the houses look like lego..and to be fair it’s also a little dull, low on things to see but high on quite good restaurants. We killed a couple of hours on an opentop tour bus and even the automated voice over sounded bored.

The tour did provide a few interesting snippets of info about Bolivia in general

– La Paz is the worlds highest Capital city (altitude & drugs?),
– Bolivia used to be a very large country but lost a lot of its land mass in battle, however 32% of Bolivian woman have 5 or more children (Bolivians are lovers not fighters?),
– the life expectancy of a Bolivian is 60-63 years… but the retirement age is 65. (working life sucks!).

The one exciting thing that happened in La Paz – Wayne and I were sitting in the reception of the hostel, when the hostel staff bought down a gurney with a sheet over what appeared to be a body.. Did someone die?  we asked the staff, “no” + surprised look doesn’t really hold any weight when you have 6 policemen with tool kits with the words “homicida” written on the sides. Turns out it was a Russian tourist with a drug problem – don’t do drugs kids.

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