Sunny Sucre

We finally made it out of La Paz and on to our short flight to Sucre, and immediately loved the White City and our fab hotel the Villa Antigua.

It’s a small city with not a huge amount of activities so we were really pleased to be meeting up with some of the old intrepid group for dinner and a gossip.  They had just come from Potosi and the salt flats so we were keen to pick their brains over dinner at JoyRide.

Sunday decided to be cold and wet which was a bit of a shock, so after a stroll around town and a fairly terrible lunch we bought wine and snacks and spent the afternoon playing cards.  We trudged up the hill to a restaurant overlooking the town for a picturesque dinner with Sue, Paula, Peter, Amy, Jann and Betzy.

Monday we said a sad farewell to our chums as they headed towards Brazil and made our plans to head south towards the salt flats.  We just had time to fit in one more drink at the lovely Florin, visit the dinosaur footprints out of town and enjoy fantastic pasta at Cafe Mirador before hopping on a dreaded overnight bus to Tupiza.

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