The Tupiza Triathlon

When the question is – what do you do after an overnight bus has dumped you in a town at 4am, you’ve had no sleep and your hotel room isn’t ready? The answer is always – anything!

Having signed up to start the salt flat tours the next day we needed something to keep us amused and awake, so we signed up for the Tupiza Triathlon.  This day long trip has a 3 hour tour by 4×4, 3 hours horse riding and finishes off with a winding dirt road mountain bike ride.

The scenery in southern Bolivia is amazing with huge craggy red rocks sculpted by the rain, 1000 year old cactus, craggy canyons, vertiginous views deep into luna landscapes with razor-sharp rocks and of course the compulsory rock that looked like a willy.

This is the landscape where Butch Cassidy and Harry Longabaugh (Mr Sundance) met their end after robbing the Aramayo company payroll.

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One Response to The Tupiza Triathlon

  1. Amazing scenary and you look bloody good sitting on a horse! Looks fabulous – the coffee tasting good out there?

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