Here Vaca Vaca…

I have a confession to make… I am a carnivore!

Ok it’s not much of a confession – those of you who know me know I would rather eat a vegetarian than be one –  but after a couple of months in Peru and Bolivia eating vegetable soup and quinoa I was ready for a proper meat feast.  Argentina was the country I had been waiting for.

I love meat and in particular I love Steak! The best steaks in my life so far had been a Chateaubriand on the beach in Stonetown, Zanzibar and a Filet Mignon in a little bar in Copan, Guatemala, so Argentina has a lot to beat.

30 minutes after asking Mr Google where we could find the best steak in Salta we arrived at El Viejo Jacks, an unassuming little place well away from the heart of the tourist area.  It was 8.30 in the evening and the place was empty – turns out Argentina, like Spain, works on a different planet from everyone else where people take 4 hour siesta’s in the afternoon and don’t come out to eat until at least 10pm – but we were hungry Brits and so we sat down anyway.

The menu was very carnivore orientated (steak, steak and chicken) but vegetarians were catered for too … they could order a plate of chips 🙂 . Our waitress informed us that the steaks were big enough for 2 people so we ordered a fillet steak between us, rare of course, and a nice bottle of Malbec to wash it down with.

10 minutes later the steak arrived and we found that the waitress had lied to us, it wouldn’t feed 2 people, it would feed 6!  and boy! what a steak it was –  half an inch thick and the size of a large pizza but perfectly cooked and seasoned and so succulent that even the most dentally challenged people in the world (of which there are a lot in South America) wouldn’t have to chew it.  (I almost thought I saw  the cow from Douglas Adams’ ‘Restaurant at the end of the Universe’ near the kitchen saying “try my rump its delicious”)

Totally amazing and a new number one on my steak list. Argentina – I think we are going to get a long just fine

PS –  I don’t know what it is about South America and restaurants called “Jacks” (see Cuzco – survivors breakfast) but if you find one give it a try because we have a 100% record of amazing food.

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One Response to Here Vaca Vaca…

  1. Di says:

    Ha ha Wayne you look so happy! That steak is the size of you! Looking forward to arriving in this magical land of meat and wine….Di x

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