Cordoba – The Great Lens Hunt

I am not having much luck with Camera lenses on this trip

On day two of the trip I managed to break my trusty Sigma lens and then I find out that South America is not the greatest place in the world for finding camera lenses.  I finally bought a replacement, a pre-owned Canon,  from a camera school in Quito before heading off on the scenic part of this trip.  Fast forward 2 months to the Bolivian salt flats and lens number 2 (the Canon) suddenly jams… the great lens hunt begins again.

We decide that Cordoba, Argentina’s second city, would probably be the best place to find one.  Now, Cordoba is not the nicest place we have visited, it’s very much like London (except grayer, dirtier and with less to see) but it is full of shops.  However, after visiting a couple we find out that due to the current economic issues (20% inflation) the government has banned imports of foreign goods (or taxed them to infinity) and that finding a lens was not going to be as easy or affordable as I’d hoped. Thankfully we also found Manuel, possibly the most helpful shop assistant in the world, who insisted that the upside of the government’s policy meant that Argentinians now try to fix everything.

Two days later, and for not a lot of cash,  I now have a functioning Sigma again.  I also find out that the Canon had been taken apart in the past and repaired really badly, with what looked like mobile phone parts, so it wasnt really my fault that it broke (honest!).

More importantly we got to leave Cordoba for somewhere more interesting – all aboard the night bus (first class), next stop Mendoza!

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One Response to Cordoba – The Great Lens Hunt

  1. Michael H says:

    ah, the difficulty of camera repair in a foreign contry where the scenery makes you weep for a camera…been there…done that….glad you got it repaired….now take some decent photos and all will be right in the world again!! 🙂

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