Mendoza – Back to wine country

It all started with an innocent hello to a couple of English girls in our new Mendozan hostel but we had no idea the terrible effect this would have on our health.

Later that afternoon, after a lunch consisting of steak and a bottle of red wine (which is pretty much every meal at the moment) we bumped into the aforementioned girls in the street and went for a “quick drink”.  4 bottles of wine, some beers and some ultra-sweet Sangria from a spanish street festival later, and we are playing pool in a dodgy Mendozan snooker club wondering how it got to be midnight.

Firm friendships were made that day and we have been on a united mission to rid Mendoza of its wine supply, one bottle at a time!  … anyone got a liver they don’t need?

PS – you know you have been in wine country for too long when you check the legs and bouquet of everything you drink… beer, coke, milk, water… may be time to leave…

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