Penguins… they don’t dance… damn you Hollywood!

Having seen “Happy Feet” and “Surfs Up”, I had high expectations for the entertainment value of a trip to the Isla Magdalena and a viewing of the Magellanic
penguin colony.

It was cold, damn cold and our little boat pitched and wobbled while all around us groups of ladies muttered “Ich denke, ich werde krank zu sein” (I think I’m going to be sick) while clutching plastic bags – awesome!   45 minutes later and several plastic bags fuller, we reached the Isla Magdalena for a wander round the pathways between the burrows of these cute little pingus.  There is no agreed collective noun for penguins but we like “a waddle of Penguins” and they look like they are having a very serious chat as they waddle together in mini reservoir dog, tux wearing, gangs.

Wayne took some great shots but sadly I missed the opportunity of taking the one where the penguin walked up to the camera and peered straight down the lens!  If the nice German lady who did take that shot just happens to be reading this – können Sie uns das Foto?

Sadly we also missed the dance routines and the surf was too flat for them to get their boards out, but I’m sure we’ll get them next time…

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2 Responses to Penguins… they don’t dance… damn you Hollywood!

  1. Shaun says:

    The German lady must have thought, ‘what is that strange looking creature doing!’ Then realised, it was just taking a picture of a penguin 🙂

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