Lifes a beach – part 1

Believe it or not we have spent most of the past 3 months in cold places.

The first 6 weeks or so was mostly at altitude and then we travelled so far south we were only 1000 km from Antarctica – so we decided we were long overdue some time in the warm sun doing nothing.

The first port of call for our “let’s do nothing” tour was Mar Del Plata on the Argentina coast, midway between Puerto Madryn and Buenos Aires.  Mar del Plata is the Argentinian Bournemouth – a place where people flock in the summer and cover every inch of its golden beaches with frying flesh.  This place is a proper mecca for sun worshippers and when the sun shines, boy do they worship it.  People of all ages strip down to their thongs and lay wherever they can find a flat surface – beach, parks, benches, walls,  shopping precincts!  On one sunny I saw more butt cheeks than i had in my previous 40 odd years… scary!

We resisted the urge to join the thong throng but did have a few relaxing days on the golden sands before deciding that another country was in order… next stop Uruguay

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One Response to Lifes a beach – part 1

  1. Gail says:

    At last!!

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