Lifes A Beach – Part 2

A six-hour bus journey and 30 minutes on a plane took us into Uruguay and part 2 of our beach holiday at the resort town of Punta Del Este.  Now if Mar del Plata is Argentina’s Bournemouth then Punta del Este is Uruguay’s San Tropez.  This place is as expensive as it gets and is where the beautiful people go for the summer.  (J-Lo was in town the day we left)

The main part of town is on a slither of peninsular so you are never more than 100 metres from a glorious, golden sand beach and the roads in the middle are lined with designer shops (Prada, LV, Versace… and our particular favourites – Christ and Tits)

Cue another 5 days of lounging  around on gorgeous beaches in the hot Uruguayan sun before heading off to the capital, Montevideo, for the weekend.

A quick 5 word review of Montevideo – “Okay but a little dull”…  Amazingly concise – I am sure the Lonely Planet will be contacting me soon with a job offer…?

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One Response to Lifes A Beach – Part 2

  1. Michael H says:

    So, it is dull, and a littel Saint Tropez, but after nearly 3 weeks, you must like it!! We demand more news!!

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