Tres Semanas en BsAs – Semana Dos

It’s Christmas week in BsAs (although you wouldn’t know it as there is barely a decoration in sight – perfect for a humbug like me) and that means 2 great things – first a move into our luxury apartment and second, Kate’s Mum (Michele) and sister Diane and their partners, Peter and Alex  arrive to join us in the sunshine.  The apartment is awesome, a 3 bedroom split level penthouse with large balcony and most exciting of all, a washing machine and a toaster – for those who do not realise how exciting a washing machine and a toaster can be… you obviously haven’t been travelling for 5 months!

Michele and Peter were only staying with us for a week before heading off to Rio for new year (muy glam) so we spent the next few days packing in as many of the sights as possible – including eating, drinking and walking in various barrios (neighbourhoods), tango lessons, a tango show, Recoleta cemetery, and even lunch in a different country via a day trip to Colonia (Uruguay) where, bizarrely, the old cobblestone streets are filled with abandoned vintage cars.

Argentinians celebrate on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas day so we took ourselves up to the roof at midnight (with a drink in hand of course) and watched as Buenos Aires erupted with sound and light.  It seemed like the entire population was having their own private fireworks displays from any open space they could find (health and safety doesn’t seem to exist in South America!).  An amazing sight.

Christmas day itself was spent eating and drinking copious amounts of cheese and wine in the sunshine before an evening barbecue on the balcony where we demolished a whole fillet of fine Argentinian beef. Delicious!

A very different Christmas from the UK – 80 degrees and not a turkey in sight

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2 Responses to Tres Semanas en BsAs – Semana Dos

  1. Michael H says:

    Happy New Year – did Santa bring you anything nice???

    • spiceboy99 says:

      Santa bought me sunshine, a massive fillet steak and several bottles of malbec – and there was me thinking i was on his naughty list

      Happy new year to you guys too

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