Tres Semanas en BsAs – Semana Tres

Michele and Peter left for New Year in Rio this week but to fill the void Kate’s ex work colleague, Manuela, arrived to spend some time with us before she joined a tour to Patagonia.  The majority of this week was therefore spent revisiting things and places we had enjoyed previously but taking Manuela, Diane and Alex with us.  This included the El Cathedral milonga for another (unsuccessful) tango lesson (failed at salsa and tango – just samba to go to prove that I really can’t dance), La Bomba del Tiempo (the coolest way to spend a Monday evening in BsAs and possibly the world), a lunch trip out of town – this time to the delta town of Tigre rather than Colonia  and a massive steak dinner and fireworks on the roof – this time for New Years Eve rather than Christmas Eve.

However, we did get to do at least one fabulous new thing – Polo!  We are always up for something new and with Kate’s love of horses this one was the obvious choice. We booked a trip through Argentina Polo Day ( and they picked the 5 of us up and escorted us 40 minutes out of BsAs to their estancia.   On arrival we were fed and watered with canopes and vino tinto and then we were educated in the rules of polo whilst watching the local club members play four 10 minute chukkas.  We then got to eat a massive barbecue and knock back a few more glasses of wine .  All of this was purely medicinal of course – just to dull the pain of the inevitable bruises that would be coming our way once they added ponies and big wooden mallets into the mix.

Then the carnage began.

Kate, of course was a natural at polo – galloping up and down the pitch at high-speed and scoring umpteen goals  and Di, Manuela and Alex all had their fair share of the play too.  As for me, the glue factory reject I had been saddled with plodded around  at a snail’s pace (nothing to do with my lack of equestrian skills, honest).  As soon as I managed to get the pony to get to the end of the pitch where the action was the ball was, the play would switch to the other end leaving me on my own again! Never mind – less bruises for me.

To finish the day we got to recover by lounging around by the pool and drinking a little more wine before being dropped back to our apartment where Kate immediately starting researching polo clubs in the UK.

I think we may have found her a new hobby.

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