Going with the Flo in Floripa

After the scorching 100 degree heat of Iguazu we felt it was time to get back to the beach in search of a cool sea breeze. 12 hours on a pretty average night bus and 2 local buses later we arrived in the coastal town of Florianopolis, known locally as Floripa.

Floripa isn’t so much of a town as a region containing 42 beaches, 3 coastlines and a large lake. We based ourselves in the beach resort of Barra da Lagoa in the appropriately named Banana hostel. We were given the apartment which afforded us lovely views over the town and beach from its balcony. The beach was beautiful white sand and although the first 200 metres was beach bar central, you only had to walk 10 minutes or so if you wanted a more solitary sunbathing experience.

The water was quite shallow and waves frequent and warm so it was very popular with surfers and kite surfers and that meant we had something to watch while we roasted in the sunshine, sipping amazing fresh fruit juices, ice-cold beers and munching our way through endless seafood. Occasionally we managed to take a bus to other places in the area but mostly we just ate, drank and soaked up the sun.

The laid back Brazilian lifestyle has got us well and truly hooked.

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2 Responses to Going with the Flo in Floripa

  1. Michael H says:

    Gaining the weight again, then…..all those days of walking, wasted on a beer and onion ring….shesh!! 😉

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