Sao Paulo – if I drink anymore I’ll drown (Morcheeba)

A quick stop in Sao Paulo to experience one of the biggest cities in the world before we headed off to the Pantanal.

We managed to survive another odd overnight bus journey – this one kicked everyone off at 1am in the middle of nowhere for dinner and stopped every 30 minutes.  We had also paid for “leito” expecting a flat bed but sadly it was just a recliner with a packet of biscuits – live and learn (and don’t pay the upgrade in Brazil).

We checked into our hostel fairly weary after the bus horrors and a week of noisy nights in Florianopolis only to find that the hostel was hosting the Friday night hostel party and that 200 people from the other hostels around town were expected.  Strong, cheap caipirinhas were the only solution.

We were staying in the Jardins area of town which is super smart with chichi shops and concierge staff waiting on every street to park your Porsche. Lovely!  We took advantage of the shopping and visited the Haviannas store – so many flip-flops so few feet! And embraced the diverse cultural mix by indulging in all you can eat sushi (apparently Sao Paulo has the biggest group of people of Japanese descent outside of Japan) and it was the first time I’ve had sushi sweats but god it was amazing!

We spent Saturday on our hostel owners advice wandering the street market in an obscure part of town (Portobello meets Parisian flea market), eating italian and shopping for cool t-shirts before heading to the airport for our trip to the outback….

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