A Bad Day in Brazil

When you are travelling for as long as we are you can’t expect every day  to be perfect, but we do anyway.

Today was supposed to be an easy travel day – get up at dawn, taxi to the airport, catch a plane to Brasilia, change planes and arrive in Fortaleza on Brazil’s north coat by early afternoon… all easy peasy until your first plane doesn’t turn up!  So after a few hours of juggling by the airline we got a plane to Brasilia and then after another 8 hours at Brasilia airport we finally got to Fortaleza at 11pm. The taxi driver then took us on a magical mystery tour (direct routes are soooo over-rated) and we arrived at our Pousada at around 12 promptly collapsing in our curtainless room on a bed that was so hard the mattress may have been fossilised.

The following morning the lack of curtains didn’t affect us as big black rain clouds prevented the suns rays from waking us up early and it continued to rain heavily all morning.  Welcome to the Tropics!

However, by 2pm Brazil had decided we had suffered enough and turned on the charm.  First the sun came out and so walked to the beach, sorted out some bus tickets and went for some lunch at a place recommended by the owner of our Pousada.  The restaurant was an all you can eat place (like the one in the film Bridesmaids, but thankfully without the aftereffects).  The premise of the restaurant is simple, they give you a disk that is green on one side and red on the other and they wander around the room with various types of meat on long skewers and offer it to you if your disk is green. When you have had enough or need a break you turn the disk over to red.  Over the next couple of hours we demolished an entire farmyard –   beef, lamb, chicken wings, sausage, pork belly, chicken hearts etc until we were fit to burst.  And then they offer you desert… who has room for desert after that amount of food? (and no the answer is not me)

We declined the desert and went for a long walk on the beach to recover.  After walking a mile or so and taking a couple of pit stops for ice-cold beers we reached the main area of town and stumbled across a carnival. Carnival is still a month away but the towns like to be prepared so they start having practice carnivals so they get it right for the official one,,, or any excuse for a party as its better known as!  We were soon sambaing down the streets with 3000 of our newest friends and the trials of the previous day instantly forgotten.

Brazil you are forgiven.

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