If Disney made beach resorts…

We stumbled through our last overnight bus (freezing cold, hotter than the sun, freezing cold – repeat until broken) from Recife to Salvador and then negotiated the local bus up the coast to Praia do Forte fairly easily. We were booked into the Hostel in Praia for a couple of days of sea side relaxing (nothing new there) with hopes of adding Turtles to our list of things we’ve seen in South America.

There are 3 things that make Praia do Forte special – a chi-chi village with a long central pedestrian walkway lined with stylish restaurants and boutique shops, sparkling white sand beaches with hundreds of low tide rock pools full of up-close marine life and a turtle sanctuary called Tamar. The Fundacao Pro Tamar is a not for profit organisation that is dedicated to saving 5 species of sea turtles in Brazil. They protect around 550 nests a year, 1000km of coast and release around 600,000 baby turtles into the sea. Only approx 600 of these will reach adulthood (they look like licorish – what do they expect?) but with cooperation with the local fishing community this is significantly better than before. The foundation has viewing pools of rescued turtles (turtles have a high repeat rate of getting caught in nets the record is one that has been rescued 150 times – cry for help or just daft?) and up close viewing pools of other marine life, along with an education centre and touching pools of rays and other squishy sea things. Hours of fun for kids and big kids alike

So we didn’t need to book any adventures, the Turtle sanctuary has late afternoon feeding of the rescued giant turtles and baby releasing from their hatchery which was soooo cute, and the rock pools provided hours of entertainment with our underwater camaera affording close up views of crabs, fish, sea slugs and starfish. We spent 3 lovely sun filled days swimming, eating, marine life finding and drinking green coconut water in stunning surroundings with happy smiling locals.

We hear it’s been cold in the UK…. (don’t hate me).

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2 Responses to If Disney made beach resorts…

  1. geoffrey spicer says:

    Happy birthday for the ninth Wayne, have a great day -like the last six months. No golf this week due to 10cm of that white stuff. When are you due back in the UK?
    Mum and Dad

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