Hanging with the Surf Dudes in Sunny Saquarema

For once this was a travel day that went without a hitch. We got on a local bus to Cabo Frio and then changed buses to Saquarema… 100km of travel for a grand total of £6 – less than a plate of chips in Buzios! Our accommodation was the Masai Hotel – an african themed hotel, on a brazilian beach, owned by a brit…how could we resist such multiculturalism?

Saquarema is a real “locals” resort and is only really known by surfers and Rio de Janierians,  most of whom were intrigued how two english people had stumbled onto their beach paradise – but in a friendly, welcoming way. This place is stunning with miles of pure white sandy beach and rolling waves packed with surfers of all ages and genders. The food prices are much cheaper than Buzios – twice the food for half the price. We ordered two starters at a restaurant on got enough food to feed 6!

Wish we’d stayed longer but would probably need two seats each on the flight home.

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One Response to Hanging with the Surf Dudes in Sunny Saquarema

  1. Gail says:

    Are you sure you want to come back to England???!!

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