The clipped wings of a wanderer…

Having been back for almost exactly a year, it’s time to return to the blog to update on everything that has happened in the last year….

It’s been a busy – with babies (no not me), a new house, new jobs but sadly only 2 teeny trips.  The wanderer is grounded, but we’ll see what we can do to fix that in 2013.

Some highlights from the last year:

bewareshoeNew Job
With the lovely folks at The Dune Group – more shoes (I know, I know) – if only I had more feet…

I took a contract for 8 months then at the start of this year went perm.  A really great company, fabulous people and some really really lovely shoes… ah some people have the best jobs and thankfully that includes me…..


New House and Car
Shot of the new house con fungi – we decided to move out of London to somewhere more rural so moved right next to the M25 – ha ha!

It’s a funny little house with lots of green space all around and despite a fairly hefty commute into town each day the move was a good one.  We are also 30 minutes from both Heathrow and Gatwick so surely the best position for a wanderer?

birthdayA Significant Birthday
A great way to turn 21 aboard the “Absolute Pleasure Yacht” with some lovely chums.  If anyone decides they would like to celebrate in the same way – I warn you now the thieving bastards still haven’t returned my deposit!


A Romantic Trip to Paris
A weekend of frozen wanderings and fabulous meals in Paris with Mr Wanderer.  We stayed in Monmartre on the advice of friends which was brilliant!

Lots of cosy little bars and restaurants to escape the freezing December weather, some good bottles of wine and of course a heart-attack inducing tartiflette.



Skiing in Alpe D’Huez
A superb week of skiing in France, with gorgeous sun for 4 days then fresh powder.

The chalet was lovely, right on the piste with a fabulous cook and a great gang of people who made every dinner a hilarious wine soaked event.

Time to plan the next ski holiday with the girls …and to work off the cheese and wine!  A great way to start the year.

My gorgeous new nephew – born in Jan
2 gorgeous boys together!  Uncle Wayne has already reviewed the options for Chessington  and Thorpe Park though I think the height restriction could mean the dreams of a theme park pal have to wait a few years!

There also seems to be universal conspiracy of well behaved babies… still not changing my mind.

ozbabyA visit from friends down under
Annette and Paul came back to the UK for a visit with another tiny tot for Wayne to be pictured with.

I know he looks like a natural!

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One Response to The clipped wings of a wanderer…

  1. Haven’t been checking your blog for a long time. Don’t seem to have missed much (concerning the amount of posts, not the content of the above post), but you’ve left an impressive number of green pins on that South America map … just saying hi …

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