Back for good…

Okay… So it’s been a while… A wee while.

It’s not because we had our passports confiscated and were denied any form of international travel, it’s not because we haven’t had some great trips and seen some amazing places, it’s not that we haven’t eaten glorious food, good enough to make a Ramsey weep but more because on a short trip you don’t have the endless hours to fill that a 7 month trip provides to update your blog.

You’re back to the day job before you can say “how much bloody washing did that trip generate?” and any thought of writing up a post goes as quickly as the well-being the short break from reality generated.

But enough! There are 2 of us, we can divide the work and if all else fails photos will do in the place of words and at least we will have some inkling of what the hell we’ve been up to in the years that seem to whistle by faster every 12 months.

So welcome back Wayno*. Happy travels (or at the very least some ambitious day trips) and let’s get some of this shit documented before we forget where the carers stashed our passports.


*warning. The Wayno has a new camera with a panoramic function and he’s not afraid to use it. A lot.

Just the 2 of us

Just the 2 of us


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