Ice Ice Bergen!

And they’re off!

It’s been a while but now it’s time for a mini trip exploring the delights of Norway in November. Possibly not the best time to visit – neither summer for the sights nor winter for the sports but we both need a break so off we pop.

Starting with beautiful Bergen – one of the cutest cities I’ve ever been to. A land of wonky wooden houses, sitting in multiple harbours, surrounded by wooded hills – it’s a Unesco World Heritage site, with great walks, fab food and prices to make even a hardy Londoner like me wince.

We stayed in the brilliantly positioned Radisson Blu Royal, which sits at the end of a set of old warehouses that make up an area called Bryggen. This is the oldest area of Bergen running along the eastern shore of Vagen Harbour and is made up of 10 painted gable buildings built of rough wooden planks, with wiggly alley ways filled with small stores, coffee shops and restaurants. It looks like a set from Harry Potter and most of the buildings look completely wonky – apparently due to a ship blowing up in the harbour some time in the Second World War which knocked them all sideways.

Bryggen warehouses

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