Strolls, trolls and cinamon rolls.

Bergen’s beauty is much more than just the Unesco area of Bryggen, whole areas of town are made up of higgledy-piggledy weather-boarded houses, some of which don’t look big enough for a human to live in, and there is definitely a problem with parking.

There are also several working docks so just behind each historical view is a giant warehouse, enormous tanker or busy ferry just doing it’s thing.

Bergen is small and very walkable, so we spent hours meandering through the narrow lanes, fighting off the cold with lots of coffees (there’s a chain called Wayne’s which of course we had to visit) and taking lots of pictures.

To get a real perspective you need to get a bird eye view and so a quick trip up the funicular took us to Floyen which gave us great views over the city and the surrounding area, at the small cost of icy blasted cheeks.  We were joined in our funicular trip by a wedding party who were posing for photos at the top – she must have been freezing in her wedding dress and at one point her veil went for a trip of it’s own back down the hill closely followed by her gallant husband in full military dress.  Almost making it the shortest marriage ever.

It’s a really popular area for walking and mountain biking but it was getting dark (there is only about 6 hours of daylight at this time of year) so we opted for the walk back down into town along the Troll path.  They’re a bit obsessed with Trolls and the area was covered with troll statues and notices in several languages about not upsetting/watching out for the witches.  Whimsical lot the Norwegians….

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A nice stroll back into town for more coffee and a traditional Norwegian cinnamon bun, while we tried to work out what the wooden structure they were building in the harbour was for… they’d spent hours building it, then hours chopping bits off it as they hoisted it up.  We think it was a bridge – but so steep I’m not sure how you would get up it… answers on a postcard…!

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