The Nordic Navimag

Okay so not the real Navimag as the boat was a mini version, the journey 2 hours not 3 days and the fjord stunning but not a whole archipelago… But there were similarities okay? Ferry, fjord, cold, windy, spectacular.

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So for our wander towards Oslo we joined the well trodden path that is the “Norway in a nutshell” route from Bergen to Oslo via Voss and Flam.

A quick train to Voss for only the price of a small family car and then a bus up to Gudvangen to catch the Ferry to Flam. The Ferry appears to be an almost completely pointless 2hr route via a couple of remote villages (there is now a pass through the mountain that takes 20 minutes) but the trip is lovely and the scenery stunning.

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We had planned an overnight stay in Flam so that the leg from Myrdal to Oslo via train was in the daylight. Unfortunately the most dramatic bit of the trip – the line from Flam to Myrdal had been recently flooded so we had to reroute slightly which meant an “interesting” 3 hours in Voss on a Sunday morning.

Note: if you end up in Voss on a Sunday (slogan = “Voss-uppppp”) bring a book, and make your way to the Te Bror Cafe – the best and only open-on-a-Sunday option in town. Though the lake is pretty. Other food options include the Esso garage – I kid you not.

Saturday night in Flam – a jumping little town of about… 3 people… was actually really pleasant, with a night in the lovely Fretheim hotel, all open fires, sofas and fjord views, but 1 night was enough!

We hopped on the local bus at 9.30 the next day for the 11km trip through the mountain (not the longest in Europe – also in Norway and 27km) an awesome feat of engineering to join up a town of 3. (I’m assuming the town size swells in the summer by an epic degree otherwise this government has way too much money, my money).

A few hours in the heart stoppingly exciting Voss (see above) then on to the 13:14 train to Oslo.

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