Cross country to Oslo

So after our first days in the west, it was time to head east to Oslo. We decided to let the train take the strain and booked ourselves on one of the huge number of trains (3) that go from Bergen to Oslo on a Sunday.

Boarding at Voss, after a fun filled morning of.. actually there is nothing to do in Voss, we hopped on our train – swapped seats with a gang who wanted to sit together and settled in for the 6 hour journey up and over the mountains to Oslo with a high point of 2222m.

Really stunning – supposedly one of the most picturesque train rides in the world – and as we went from sunny Voss to dark Oslo via snow covered mountains and lakes, no surprise we took lots of photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One Response to Cross country to Oslo

  1. Alan & Julia says:

    Great Photos, they really reminded us of our cruise to Norway just a few years ago!

    Bergen, Stavanger, Olden, Flam are really cool places

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