Tromso – Welcome to the Arctic Circle

After a short 90 minute flight from Oslo, we arrived in Tromso, the biggest town in the north of Norway, 220 miles inside the Arctic Circle and home to lots of things with the tagline “most northern” (Cathedral, University, Brewery etc. etc.)

It was here that we intended to do some snow-based activities and number one on our list was dog sledding.  Of course you know by now that things on this trip haven’t always gone to plan and as we landed in a 10 degrees Celsius rainstorm we knew that the 2 metres of snow they had had 5 days previously was going to be a distant memory… our dreams to Mush had turned to Slush! (Sorry!)

So after checking into the marvellous, shiny and new Clarion “the Edge” hotel (free coffee all day – result!) we set to work on a plan B. This was not as easy as first thought as Arctic Circle + Late November = very little daylight! (Sunrise 10am, Sunset 12.30)) and the book on things to do in Tromso in the rain is more of a pamphlet than a book. 

We needed professional help (not the first time someone has said that to me!) so first thing in the morning we headed off to the Tourist information office in search of inspiration.  They were excellent and within 30 minutes we were sorted.  The weather was due to be better tomorrow so we booked a daytime fjord photography tour and then a full evening northern lights hunt.  As for today,  a trip to Polaria was recommended which turned out to be  a strange combination of a polar museum crossed with an aquarium, meaning you get information on the northern lights and bearded seals… slightly obscure but entertaining (and rain free) nevertheless.


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