Delicious Bordeaux!

There were a couple of reasons why we picked Bordeaux and the Dordogne for our first 2 week holiday for two years..

Firstly, we’d been saying for years that we ought to do a holiday in France that didn’t involve snow and secondly Bordeaux is deemed the most prestigious wine producing region in the world and is considered the birthplace of wine culture as we know it today.  Er.. and we, like, totally love wine, ya know?

We started our 2 week trip to France with a 2 night stay in the Unesco world heritage site of Bordeaux in South-West France.   Travel was an easy 90 minute flight from Gatwick on Easyjet followed by a simple local bus ride into town on line 1 costing a bargain €1.5 each (there is a more luxurious and marginally quicker airport bus service if you prefer for €7.5).   Our hotel for this part of the trip is the Hotel de La Presse, a spacious little place right in the heart of the beautiful old town with funky interiors and high ceilings.

We had a booking that evening for dinner, so had a quick trot around town to get our P1010118bearings, having a leisurely vino in a tree filled courtyard, before taking our table at Le Davoli.

Mr W had done his research – this is a gorgeous little restaurant (reservations essential) that if you’re in the Bordeaux area we’d really recommend.  We took up “la possibilité de déguster un menu dont le contenu aura été choisi par le Chef” and went for the tasting menu as well as a bottle of wine recommended by the waiter.  Plate after plate of amazing food, beautifully presented, knocked our socks off… the temptation to return on our last day might have to be resisted!

buns2Day two, we took a leisurely breakfast at Karls then wondered down to the flea market next to the Marché Des Capucins, before pottering round the amazing food market buyinP1010145g a couple of fruits and avoiding the cheese.   We then took a stroll all the way up the river to the converted warehouses of Quai des Marques, stopping at a produce market to neck a glass of wine and sample some oysters from Arcachon…(I have to say I just don’t get oysters – the first person to try them must have been very brave, very hungry or very stupid!) …before jumping on a tram to the Jardin Public and the restaurant – L’orangerie de Bordeaux for a salad of epic proportions on a parasol covered courtyard overlooking the park.

The huge lunch put paid to any sizable dinner, so after Mr W had a paddle in the river front “beach” we grabbed a street table at Le Petit Commerce for a little light tapas… then wandered through the wonky streets via an ice cream before bed..


Bordeaux is bliss…


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