And they’re off…

Okay… it’s been a bit quiet on the blog for the last few years. Holidays were taken, events were celebrated; births, marriages and thankfully no deaths, but by the standards of the wandering Wayno, it’s been a quiet few years.

Well that’s all about to change, as once again Wayne and I are hitting the road for one of our big trips. Jobs have been left, houses have been packed up and rented out, cars taken off the road and packing lists… listed? 

This trip is a loop – starting in Hong Kong, before a quick dash through China to Myanmar, through to Thailand then from Malaysia round the bottom of Australia to Cairns, before a grand finale in Japan and a quick stop in Seoul before heading home.  We’re flying, driving, sailing, training and overland-trucking the route with an enormous list of things we want to do and the recommendations from our ‘top 1001 wines of the world’ book to try and find in Australia.

The big pink bag is packed and the Taxi will be here in 15 mins… now what have I forgotten?

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