E-Biking in Bagan

Wednesday 25 Jan – Bagan

Having had a full day of temples and touring the day before, we took a slightly slower approach to the day and started with a morning of life admin. Washing in, money changed and wi-fi located in a nearby cafe we settled in for a few hours of updating the blog. WiFi has been a rare luxury on this trip – the hotels in China had great wifi but you couldn’t access anything as they block Facebook, Google and WordPress, and there is wifi in Myanmar but you can’t access anything as it is 1997 speeds and a bus of 16 people soon uses up all of the available bandwidth.

For anyone travelling to Bagan, the restaurant ‘A Little Bit of Bagan’ in Nyaung U has great wifi and does a mean chicken satay skewer. Having updated as much of the blog as we could without over-staying our welcome we decided an afternoon of sightseeing was a must so we arranged the hire of an electric scooter (an E-Bike they call it) for the princely sum of £3 for the afternoon and pootled off on our completely silent bike in search of the temples and Pagodas we hadn’t seen the day before.

Heading south down a sandy road (note to self – deep sand, electric bike, 2 fat westerners on said bike – not a good combination) we found lots of the temples – many dating back to the 12th century and most of them we had to ourselves – with only the bigger temples attracting a crowd and the souvenir sellers the tourists attract.

Hopping on and off the bike, we visited Thamanpaya, Payathonzu, Nanda Pyin Nya and Thambula taking some demented selfies as we really didn’t need anymore temple shots.

We splashed out on a coconut and sat at the ladies stall, sitting on the smallest plastic stools ever before heading back via the stunning Sulamani – a favourite sundowner spot. It’s a really lovely way to see the sites and the bikes are silent so you feel like you are gently flying around the lanes of Bagan.


On our return we found that the marvellous Katie had pulled together drinks around the hotel pool – making a rum punch and finding elusive cans of tonic water for G&Ts – star! A lovely way to end our visit to Bagan.

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