5 Star Penang

Wednesday 8th Feb – Sunday 12th Feb

So while we aren’t exactly backpacking or slumming it in any way on this trip, there aren’t any 5* stops for total pampering either… except this one!

Well it is Wayne’s birthday and the old fart needs his comforts – actually scrap that, Wayne can (and in fact has) slept on the equivalent of a park bench in an open hut in the middle of a game reserve, it’s me that occasionally needs a bit of luxury!

So we decided to have a mini holiday from our trip and booked into the gorgeous Eastern & Orient Hotel in Penang. To be honest once they’d showed us to our room (3 rooms actually, living room, bed room and bathroom so big our hotel room in Hong Kong could fit into it 3 times), I waited for them to come back and tell us that there had been a mistake.. 3 days in and I’m comfortable they aren’t going to move us to the servants quarters!

It is lovely, all colonial style, discreet service and a breakfast choice that could give you something different every day for a week. It was built in the 1800’s by the same brothers who built Raffles in Singapore and the Strand in Yangon and the lobby claims previous guests including Rita Hayworth, Charlie Chaplin and Noel Coward. I’m assuming the Wayne Spicer plaque will go up after we leave right?

They even snuck a cake into our suite for Wayne’s birthday.

We spent a really enjoyable few days either sat by the pool, wandering around Georgetown spotting the famous graffiti, eating street food in the great Hawkers markets dotted around town…



…oh, and watching the Hindu festival of Thaipusam where pilgrims show their devotion by affixing spikes and hooks to their bodies… you may want to skip the next photos…


It’s been a lovely way to relax, and to say goodbye to Asia for a couple of months as we head to Australia!!

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