Perth and the South American Reunion

We got up the day after the wine tasting expecting the worst but actually didn’t feel bad at all – stopping drinking at 5, eating an enormous dinner and drinking several pints of squash had seemed to do the trick.

Our plan for today was to get to Perth and call in with the lovely Sue who we had travelled with in South America but Sue was at work so we had a day to fill and lots of lovely spots between Margaret River and Perth on our to do list.

Our first stop was to actually take a wander around Margaret River itself.  Having only been as far as the supermarket before, we discovered that it’s a lovely town with lots of spots for food, art and of course wine.  After a little walk around the chichi shops we headed up the coast to the very gorgeous Yallingup for our mid morning coffee.

It’s a stunning spot on a long sweeping bay, with good surf waves. There was a surf competition running so we watched the fit dudes while we upped our caffeine content.


Energised by the coffee, we then headed for Cape Naturaliste – which has stunning views over the Indian Ocean and, we’d read, some great walking trails over the headlands.  All true, but we hadn’t been told about the really annoying swarms of flies which meant we did the walk at double time, took a couple of quick photos but then took a swift exit away from the buzz buzz of the beasties.


On the plus side, this did mean we had time to call in at the Eagle Bay Brewing company for a lovely lunch.. it’s like we plan these things!

Back in the car we zipped up to Perth to stay with the lovely Sue and her husband Chris – who was busy cooking up a storm on the BBQ – after 6 weeks in Asia living on noodles and rice we were so ready for some Aussie style food!  We also were given a whirlwind tour of all the wineries in Oz – which is a polite way of saying they completely spoilt us and opened way too many wines!

On Saturday, Sue and Chris took us on a tour of some of their favourite spots in and around Perth – including a fabulous brunch in Fremantle – a very cool and pretty town just south of Perth, followed by a beer tasting at the Little Creatures brewery on the harbour.

That evening we jumped on the train into central Perth for a wander (and a few drinks) at Elizabeth Quay including a pub called the Lucky Shag (bird… its a bird… don’t know why its lucky though…), before we jumped on a bus up to Kings Park for a wander and a view of the perth skyline and then a delicious dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant – fab!


It was great to catch up, really good to see a city from a locals perspective and they completely spoiled us!  Added to which Perth is a stunning city and we did a load of washing – best weekend of the trip so far!

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