From Fairies to Apollo..

Following our day trip to the Grampians we headed to the whimsically named Port Fairy, previous name Belfast, I kid you not.

We checked out the local beaches and dined on seafood in the really lovely Blakes restaurant – before a night in the oldest pub in the state – the Merryjig Inn. So cute! All tiny rooms, sloping floors, chickens in the garden and tiny snugs – definitely a recommendation if you are in the area.


Having had our full of fairies and breakfast we then headed towards the Ocean road stopping at The Tower Hill nature reserve to try to get our first glimpse of koalas and emus, only to find our first Koala waiting for us in the picnic area next to the car park.


Several kilometres later and about 7 koalas down we found the elusive emus – also in the picnic area right next to the car park – I guess they all know the best places to steal food.


Hitting the road – the weather started to turn against us, with darkening skies and a threat of rain, but this half of the Great Ocean Road is all thundering waves, towering rocks and stories of ship wrecks so Wayne loved the drama the weather gave to his photography…


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