Wilsons Promontory

Friday 3rd March

Having indulged way too much in the wineries of the Yarra Valley, it was time to walk off some the excess in the completely stunning Wilsons Promontory National Park.  This is the southernmost point of mainland Australia and is supposed to have originally been part of a land bridge that joined Tasmania to the mainland, but essentially it is a stunning national park with miles of walking set in a landscape of forests and empty beaches.

We’d booked in for 2 nights at the Black Cockatoo Cottages in Yanakee just at the entrance to the park – we’d expected remote but the cabins were in the middle of no where and Yanakee itself a good 10 km away was really only a general store / petrol station / cafe – good job we’d stocked up at the supermarket and wineries on our way in, and even better job that the cottages had a great kitchen and for the smelly traveller – even better!  A WASHING MACHINE!


After a sunset walk around the 5 mile road at the north of the park spotting kangaroo, wallaby and emus, one steak dinner, and 3 loads of washing later – we had an early night ready for our hiking the next day.

We dropped the car at Picnic Beach and joined together several of the walks to take us along Picnic Beach, up over the headland, across Squeaky Beach and then down into the campsite at Tidal River with the promise of coffee from the General Store at the campsite our reward before we retraced our steps back to the car.


It was a gorgeous walk and while the weather back at the cottage had been all black clouds and rain, the coast seemed to be repelling the bad weather and the sun shone for most of our walk (shame we dressed for the cottage!!).  We took every extra path to every view-point and walked along miles of stunning beaches where often we were the only people to be seen.


It really is one of the most amazing walking locations I’ve ever been too and the folks of Melbourne are so lucky to have such a gorgeous location 2 hours from the city. I hope the photos do it some justice..

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