Jervis Bay and the whitest sand in the world

Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th March – Jervis Bay

We spent a couple of days around 90 mile beach in a small town called Metung which was very pleasant but as the weather wasn’t great and we didn’t take any photos we’ll skip that one!  Next was Vincentia in Jervis Bay for a couple of days exploring and hopefully some better weather.

The bay is gorgeous and famous for its whale spotting between May and October and for Dolphins all year round.  We were staying in an Air BNB with Scott and the matriarch of the house – an adorable pug called Panda – who both made us feel really welcome and gave some great advice about visiting the area (Scott, not the pug…).

Wednesday the weather wasn’t great with winds whipping up quite rough seas so we opted out of any boating activity and decided to hike as the clouds made it a good temperature. We took the walk from Vincentia towards Hyams Beach – which is reputed to have the worlds whitest sand – Guinness book of records confirmed no less.


The walk mainly took us along the beach with the odd cut through when we hit a headland so from Vincentia along Orion Beach, up over the headland at Plantation Point, then walking along one gorgeous white beach after another – Nelson, Blenheim and Greenfields before finishing by crossing Chinamans beach to get to the stunning Hyams beach and a chance to test out that record-breaking claim… yup that sand is pretty white, even on a grey day!


Day 2 and still no real improvement in the weather so we got on one of the boats offering a tour of the bay and a chance to see the local Dolphin pod who make the bay their home.  It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours and the team were really knowledgable about the area including the military bases around the bay, old plans for a giant dock / giant nuclear power station (all of which came to nought) and gave us tips on where to walk and the best place to spot local wildlife… like these fellas:


Half way through the trip the Captain saw what he thought was a blow from a surfacing whale (really unlikely as whale season isn’t until May) so moved towards them spotting a couple of Minky Whales, a mother and calf, who were sheltering in the bay.  They told us that even during the whale season they are a rare spot as they are very shy – so we were really lucky to see the pair surface several times before we left them in peace.

The final finale of the trip was a visit to the resident dolphins who were just amazing to watch as they swam around the boat in a group fishing and playing – they are really fast so I hope Wayne managed a shot of them (he did, just) but the group was gorgeous to watch, particularly as there were several babies, including a really little fella who was sticking to mum like glue.


Back on dry land we headed for the Booderee National park which through a strange quirk of history is not part of NSW but part of Canberra and is now owned by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal community.  We drove to Murrays Beach, for a spot of lunch and a wander across the rock pools to Murrays landing, before driving to Green Patch Beach, my favourite so far on this trip, for a walk along it’s completely stunning curved white sand beach.


blog-murray seagulls

You could do worse than spending the rest of your days in a beach house in this area – but as houses cost several million dollars we’ll have to make do with a visit…





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