A room, a view and a cockatoo…

Friday 10th March 2017

On the advice of Scott our Airbnb host, we took the coast road up to Sydney via Wollongong where we stopped for the best fish and chips ever, and then came off the M1 to travel up the Pacific Highway and over the Sea Cliff Bridge. Originally this coast road was fairly treacherous and was closed after a huge landslide finally blocked it for good.


The new bridge road was built to replace it, and travels for several kilometres along the coast hugging the curves but built 10 or so meters away from the cliff face to avoid those rock falls. There is a walkway all the way along which gives a stunning view of the curves of the road while the wind and the noise of the crashing waves below add an element of thrill.


Our destination today was Sydney and another Airbnb stay with a host called Junior in an area brilliantly named Woolloomooloo. After a bit of fun finding how to get across the dual carriage way so we could get to his road (yes we took a wrong turn, ended up in a tunnel we couldn’t get out of and found ourselves back on the outskirts of Sydney where we’d been an hour before..) we finally got parked and into the apartment.

Stunning doesn’t cover it! Juniors place is a 2 bedroom apartment which is beautifully decorated, and best off all has balconies off the living room and bedroom with views of the Botanical gardens and the Opera House and Bridge. Even better as we stood slack jawed taking in the view – 3 cockatoos landed on the balcony to say hello… an iconic view of Sydney to start our stay!


After freshening up, we took a stroll through the park towards the Opera house just as the sun was going down and enjoyed an early evening drink in the Opera Bar, before wandering through the Rocks, admiring the enormous cruise ship docked in Circular Quay.


We finished the evening with a glass of wine, sat on the balcony of our apartment just enjoying the view – perfect!


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