2 Days, 2 old friends, and too much booze

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April 2017

A second gorgeous day in Brisbane so as we were staying on the South Bank, we headed down to the swimming pools at the Streets Beach and spent the morning enjoying the sunshine, coffee and markets in the area.

That afternoon we were to meet up with Annette and Paul who I had worked with in London, who had moved back out to Annette’s homeland and set up home in Brisbane. We met up at The Paddo for a couple of drinks and some food, we met Ella (who we’d last seen as a baby) and Jack, their gorgeous kids, then headed up Mount Coot-Tha to the lookout for spectacular views over Brisbane.


They took us back to their house – a super stylish clapperboard house with an amazing through lounge, kitchen, deck and pool – though the pool was suffering with the after effects of the storm – and had a couple of drinks on the deck. The Australian lifestyle is just so amazing, particularly in Brisbane where it doesn’t get particularly cold in the winter and so much time can be spent outdoors, and it doesn’t hurt that the traditional Queensland houses are so gorgeous.

Once the baby sitter arrived we headed into town for drinks in the East Street Pier area, before our outrageously generous hosts treated us to the degustation menu at the Aria restaurant.  Not sure what i was saying at this point:

It was spectacular, with amazing wine parings that all worked really well except a bizarre wine that the waiter said was a Rousette – I’ve not seen such orange coloured wine before, it was a little odd. It was an awesome evening and I have to confess I was truly A&P’d.. which 10 years ago I was used to but now… well let’s just say the effects lasted for about 3 days! It was great to see them, I really miss both of them, London just isn’t the same without them and they are hilarious company and ridiculously generous! (You’s better come and see us next time you are in the UK!!!)


Sunday we were a bit delicate so we headed back to the pool for a morning of coffee and trying to fight through the hangover, before we ran some errands in town then ended up at the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art – GOMA. It’s a really good modern art gallery with some fantastic interactive art – my favourite was the enclosed room where the artist had set up circles of hanging wire coat hangers and filled the room with tiny tropical finches. The piece was something to do with the music playing in the background and the music the finches made but honestly they were just cute…


In the middle of the gallery over 3 floors another artist had installed a double aluminium slide where people could queue and race each other down 3 floors, and another exhibit was a set of horse outfits with a video showing them in use.. all really odd but good fun. There was a giant snake skeleton in silver and properly bizarre fake fur stuck on the walls and floor – not sure what any of it was trying to say but visually really interesting.


So that was our trip to Brisbane! And great news, flights to Proserpine were up and running again, our boat trip was due to sail on Tuesday and our hotel was up and running on a generator – so we were about to see what damage a category 4 cyclone had wrecked on a resort.

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