About the Wandering Wayno

This is the blog of the wandering Wayno.  Starting in Ecuador and ending (perhaps) in Brazil, we have 7 months to get from one to the other, taking in the scenery, taking some photographs and learning as much Spanish as our brains will allow.

The Wandering Wayno are:

  • Wayne – Ipswich Town supporting, photograph taking, TV loving, mess making, pod cast loving, hero of the piece.
  • Kate – Wayne’s shoe loving, spanish learning, technology embracing, blog writing, rucksack packing sidekick.

We struggled to find useful information for the 40-year-old back packer – so hopefully our successes and failures will help prepare any other mid-life crisis travellers who are about to abandon good sense and hit the road.

We’ll update the blog with our traveling tales, kit reviews and hopefully some great photos from Wayne.  The map will be updated as we pass through once we work out a colour scheme!

If you have any suggestions please post them!

Love Kate & Wayne


3 Responses to About the Wandering Wayno

  1. julia & Alan says:

    Any room for two cast a ways, no extra baggage allowance required

  2. Sadhana says:

    Hi Wayne & Kate, Great to see you are having a fabulous time. Where is the best place to exchange money in Myanmar? Thanks!

    • spiceboy99 says:

      Hi Sadhana. Most of the big towns have both ATMs and currency exchanges so whichever you prefer to use. You get a better rate at the forex for larger notes e.g. $100 US. its ridiculously cheap to eat and drink so you wont need much!

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